About Us

KANDIELICIOUS is a brand that is inspired to give women of all walks of life confidence by looking and feeling good, "Every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful and every woman deserves to look and feel confident," says, the CEO/founder Kandie. Kandielicious is made to add to every woman's beauty.

Kandielicious has launched its lip-gloss line on Labor Day in 2018.  Started with 13 lip-gloss, since then Kandielicious has sold thousands of products online and in events.  In six months, Kandielicious worked its way up to a full cosmetic line. Women between the ages of 18 to 65 has purchased Kandielicious. Kandielicious brings awareness to cancer month by being the first to place a cancer logo on lip-gloss and lip mattes and naming each color with bold and daring names to solidify empowerment to all women. Its mission is to transform a woman’s insecurities to increase self-love, self-worth and confidence.  Kandielicious will continue to provide high-quality products at competitive price to all customers.  Kandielicious has rich experience in exporting and have establish credible business relationship with customers worldwide.  According to the needs of customers, Kandielicious provides excellence.


If you want to make a statement then start or finish with a Kandielicious glitter gloss or matte that will make you feel like you barely have anything on. Leaving your lips moisturized for 12 hours. This waterproof lip gloss is weightless and long lasting. When it is applied you instantly witness a sweet smell followed by a soft and silky feel. It is comfortable to wear. You can dress it up or dress it down. Kandielicious matte is for the non shining lipstick lovers. Step out of your comfort zone and add this long-lasting beautiful color on your lips that will bring out your alter ego. Wear this lip gloss all day without fading. This lip gloss is non-stick, waterproof and light as a feather. It makes a statement of his own but best when it's added with glitter gloss on top. It is soft, smooth, supple, rich in color hydrating lipstick. 


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